Genival F. F. da Silva Jr.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Texas A&M University - San Antonio
Department of Mathematics
Classroom Hall, Room 314 U
I completed my PhD in Mathematics at Washington University in St. Louis under direction of Prof. Matt Kerr, after that I was a postdoc at Imperial College London under supervision of Prof. Tom Coates and Prof. Alessio Corti.
Research Interests
Analysis of PDE

I'm interested in nonlinear elliptic problems, in particular, variational equations and topics related to existence and regularity of solutions.

Hodge theory & Complex Algebraic Geometry

I'm interested in Algebraic cyles and its connections. Topics include cycle class maps, Hodge-D and Hodge conjectures, higher Chow groups, real regulators and related topics.

Research Papers
Expository Papers
Selected Past Teaching
Computer Code
A rank of my 10 favorite textbooks

With respect to the didatics (how easy it is to follow) of the author not the content of the book.

  1. Riemannian Geometry, M. do Carmo
  2. Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces, M. do Carmo
  3. Introduction to Real Analysis, E. Lages Lima
  4. Principles of Algebraic Geometry, P. Griffiths
  5. Algebraic Geometry, R. Hartshorne
  6. Fourier Analysis, E. Stein
  7. Complex Analysis, L. Ahlfors
  8. Partial Differential Equations, L. Evans
  9. Abstract Algebra, D. Dummit