M4P52 Manifolds, Autumn 2017

Office hour

Office hour will be Tuesdays at 16:00 (i.e. before the lecture), 631 Huxley Building.


Please check last year's notes by Prof. Ed Segal: Manifolds 2016

L. Tu, An introduction to manifolds

J. Lee, Introduction to smooth manifolds

W. Boothby, Introduction to differentiable manifolds and riemannian geometry

M. Spivak, A comprehensive introduction to differential geometry, vol. 1


J. Munkres, Topology, the first part of the book only.

Any calculus book that covers multivariable calculus.

Linear algebra, at the level of Hoffmann's.

Real analysis is a plus but not essential. A reference would be Rudin's.

Lecture notes

Shinu Cho is live typing his notes, you may find it here

Problem sheets

There will be a homework each week. These assessed questions will collectively count for 10% of your overall mark.

Homework 1(Due Friday, Oct. 20th) | (solutions) | (grades distribution)

Homework 2(Due Monday, Oct. 30th) | (solutions) | (grades distribution)

Homework 3(Due Monday, Nov. 6th) | (solutions) | (grades distribution)

Homework 4(Due Monday, Nov. 13th) | references | (solutions) | (grades distribution)

Homework 5(Due Monday, Nov. 20th) | references | (solutions) | (grades distribution)

Homework 6(Due Monday, Nov. 27th) | references | (solutions) | (grades distribution)

Homework 7(Due Monday, Dec. 4th) | references | (solutions) | (grades distribution)

Homework 8(Due Monday, Dec. 11th) | references | (solutions) | (grades distribution)